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Brother Assassin

Two brothers, Kujyo and Ahizuka, live their lives normally like any other people only with one exception. They are assassins. Murder is their job and hypocrisy is their capital principle to survive. They also live in a world where humans and Dark Creatures reside in absolute order as the Dark Creatures cleverly blend in among the humans. Hence, at night these beings roam and the two brothers along with their loyal companion, Kaizou, make it through the night with compromise, deceit and at worst, blood-spill. //Read from left to right and expect blood, violence and gore. Irregular updates. :P



Brother Assassin's a mini project I'm working on when I have free time just as a practice to draw manga. I have always wanted to make a place especially for Brother Assassin related stuff only so I think Smackjeeves is the best place. :)
So... I pretty much have not much to say but enjoy yourself reading it! :D

o^v^o ~enjoy~~~

posted by Gadriann @ March 18th, 2009, 7:41 am  -  0 comments

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